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What’s Fresh on the Farm

2023 - An Infrastructure Year

This year has turned out differently than we had anticipated. Last fall we took down our perimeter fence in order to combine our expansion area with the original area that we grew in. The original fence also needed improvement in order to effectively keep the deer out. This spring we began work on putting up a new and improved deer fence and thought we’d be done in time to plant a full complement of produce. Well, we ended up working on our new fence well into July. So, unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get most of our early crops planted. We have, however, planted some crops for the fall and we’ll have a nice harvest of garlic, including a new variety.

So, good things are coming down the road! 

Currently Available.

Available Produce 20230928
  • Garlic, Hard Necked, Porcelain (German Extra Hardy)
  • Garlic, Hard Necked, Purple Stripe (Chesnok Red)
  • Potatoes, Red (Dark Red Norland)
  • Potatoes, Yellow (Oneida Gold)
  • Potatoes, Russet (Gold Rush)
  • Potatoes (Blossom) Limited Quantities – Developed by Ewald Eliason from Hibbing, MN, back in the mid-90s.
  • Beets (Boro) – With or without tops.
  • Carrots (a nice-tasting, storage variety)
  • Broccoli – Just now (9/24) developing crowns.
  • Onions, Yellow
  • Onions, Green (large – immature Cortland, a yellow onion).
  • Leeks
  • Tomatoes, Plum (Granadero) Greenhouse
  • Tomatoes, Slicer Greenhouse
  • Tomatoes, Large Cherry (Sakura) Greenhouse
  • Tomatoes, Medium Slicer (Open pollinated variety of Early Cascade)
  • Peppers (Bell), Green (Red, Yellow, Orange coming)
  • Peppers (Bell), Purple

Shopping Hours and Pickup Locations

How can you purchase fresh produce from Alfred Smith’s Farm? Once each week, that we have produce available, you can shop our online store.

  • Shop & Pay Online – Shop our online store from 10 am Wednesday until 10 am Friday
  • Pickup at The Farm – Your produce will be ready for pickup at The Farm (3 miles east of Hibbing) on Friday. Arrange to visit between 4 and 7 pm.