“Growing food for optimal health.”


Our Story

Alfred Smith’s Farm offers locally and organically grown produce, including fruit, vegetables and microgreens, on a farmstead in Hibbing, Minnesota, which was originally established in 1922 as a dairy farm by Finno-Swede immigrants from Finland. The focus at Alfred Smith’s Farm is to grow food organically, sustainably, using regenerative practices, nourishing humans and the planet along the way.

Lifestyle Medicine

We are passionate about the power of diet and lifestyle to not only prevent, but often reverse, chronic disease. This passion is derived from years of education (self-directed & coursework), personal experience, coaching others. This enthusiasm is built upon “evidenced based medicine”, not opinion or anecdotal evidence.  As of 2004, medical students now have the option of specializing in this relatively new and emerging field within medicine called “Lifestyle Medicine”. For more information, visit the American College of Lifestyoe Medicine website.

Other Lifestyle Medicine resources: